Stilo Gifts - 2024

23 Our bench stand is more than just an attractive addition to your kitchen décor. With its uniquely shaped tool holder, you will always have the kitchen tools you need close at hand. Creative kitchen tools for creative cooking! The bench stand contains three very useful kitchen tools. The turner is your faithful friend beside the stove that you can rely time and time again in your cooking. Stirring up nice chili in the pan is a breeze with Björka's turner. And knowing that you are holding a locally produced, environmentally friendly product – probably the most climate-smart turner on the market – makes the food taste even better. The wooden fork is perfect both for frying and mincing the minced meat for your Friday taco night and Saturday morning scrambled eggs. With the stirring ladle, you can gently stir your stew, soup or sauce. Thanks to the hole in the ladle, the stew will mix nicely, while reducing the risk of spill over onto the stove. NOTE! Should not be machine washed! Measurements: 260 x 120 x 45mm As standard, these are delivered with an engraved "Björka" logo as shown in the images. For a more unique product, you can instead choose your own logo. BÄNKSTÄLL B008