Stilo Gifts - 2024

25 Why not make everyday a party? With Björka's Tapas set and some tasty tapas ingredients such as olives, cocktail tomatoes and various other vegetables of your choice, as well as your own favourites from the charcuterie, your everyday life will immediately become more festive. With Björka's 18cm tweezers, you easily pick up your tapas ingredients, toppings, olives or other tasty snacks. Björka's Tapas set looks just as good on the dinner table as it does at parties, on the coffee table during movie night or on the picnic blanket on a warm summer day. NOTE! Should not be machine washed! Measurements: 210 x 95 x 36mm As standard, these are delivered with an engraved “Björka” logo as shown in the images. For a more unique product, you can instead choose your own logo. TAPAS SET B002