Stilo Gifts - 2024

27 Serve your salad in style! A salad can be so many things: a simple splash of green to complement dinner, or a fresh, colourful and fantastic meal in itself. Whatever the occasion, your salad deserves to be served in style! With Björka's salad utensils, you also don't have to skimp on the vinaigrette, as one spoon has a milled drainage hole. Depending on the occasion, one half of the box can be used in two different ways. One side as a cutting board for bread, which has milled grooves for the breadcrumbs, and the other side as a serving tray for various trimmings for the salad. NOTE! Should not be machine washed! Measurements: 268 x 120 x 36mm As standard, these are delivered with an engraved “Björka” logo as shown in the images. For a more unique product, you can instead choose your own logo. SALAD SET B004