Stilo Gifts - 2024

31 With Björka’s cutting board with a groove to hold a tablet, you can always have the recipe at hand. To reduce crumb spread and pooled juices, Björka's cutting board for bread has milled diagonal crumb grooves on one side and a milled groove all around for meat juices on the other side. Björka's cutting boards are, of curse, made to be used and make the cooking experience more enjoyable. But they are also designed to blend with the interior décor in your kitchen when they are not in use. NOTE! Should not be machine washed! Measurements: 325 x 200 x *40mm (*2X20mm) As standard, these are delivered with an engraved “Björka” logo as shown in the images. For a more unique product, you can instead choose your own logo. CUTTING BOARDS B011